Wilco is an American alternative rock band based in Chicago, Illinois formed in 1994. Wilco has released eleven studio albums, a live double album, four collaborations, and won two Grammy Awards.

Those are a few Wilco facts, but here are some Wilco feelings:

This band has always reminded me that real art lies outside of what the radio or tv or magazines try to tell me and sell me on what is relevant or worthwhile or 'cool'. Wilco has always spoke to my heart and made me feel like I'm in some incredibly awesome secret club. The only way to be invited into this secret club is by playing their records and really listening to what they are saying through the art of their music. Support from the big media machine be damned - Wilco is not only cool, they are a great example of true artistic talent rising to the top no matter the odds.

-The Old Man at Trusty Spot

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