FAQ - About Trusty Spot

FAQ - About Trusty Spot

What does FAQ stand for?

Frequently Asked Questions. Man oh man, you are such a knucklehead. Next question, please..

    What is your return/refund policy?

    It's a good one and the full policy is herebut always know this - if you have any kind of a problem with your Trusty Spot Record and Tee purchase we will work hard to solve it quickly and correctly. Our customer service is amazing and we're proud of our ability to make our customer's happy.

      Is my payment info secure? I'm scared of the internet!

      Sweet, sweet, adorable and innocent internet citizen. Your credit card, debit card, PayPal, or any other form of payment you can think of - is completely secure when shopping with Trusty Spot Records and Tees. Our SSL Certificate and e-commerce industry standard security policies for all transactions should make you feel like you're wrapped in the protective embrace of a gentle gorilla who only wants to snuggle you and not eat your face. 

      If you have any other questions on our site's security or anything else please contact info@trustyspot.com and we'll answer your questions quickly.

        Where do you ship your items to?

        Right now we ship in the USA only. 

          How long will it take to get my purchase?

          Our average time from the moment we receive your order to delivery at your door is 5 days. We're pretty fast for some dumb-dumbs.

            Where is Trusty Spot Records and Tees located? Like, can you point to it on a map?

            Trusty Spot Records & Tees HQ is in the beautiful dunes of Northwest Indiana in the USA. We are in a wonderful little town called Chesterton and we love it here like crazy. More specifically: 206 South Calumet Road, Chesterton, Indiana 46304.

              How long have you been in business?

              We opened in 2020. During the height of all things Covid. Brilliant.

                What if I have another question that hasn't been answered on this page?

                We love to hear from anyone and will be happy to answer your questions. Email us at info@trustyspot.com and we'll get back you very quickly! 

                  What does FAQ stand for?

                  Seriously? Get outta here.  You'd be better off looking at records here.

                    General Info:
                    Trusty Spot Records and Tees is an American family owned and operated retailer based in Indiana, USA. We pride ourselves on fantastic customer service, great prices, and quality you can trust. Explore the site and enjoy. There truly is something for everyone at Trusty Spot Records and Tees.

                    xo The Trusty Spot Staff

                    ps...this is a picture of a pooping dog. Enjoy.