All Them Witches | Lightning At The Door (Limited Edition Green, Purple and Silver Vinyl)

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Jeremy Alexander
Trusty Spot is awesome, and this album is actually great

All Them Witches - Lightning at the Door is a great album. I love it and you should definitely give it a listen, along with all the rest of the All Them Witches catalogue. They're a great up and coming band. Support them and support Trusty spot. Trusty spot packages their vinyl for shipping better than just about anybody that I've bought vinyl from this year and they throw in stickers and microfiber cloths with your purchases so that's cool too.

That being said, this particular pressing of this particular album skips. It was almost something I could live with on track 1 but by track 2 it became so bad as to be unlistenable. I have several other ATW albums ordered from Trusty Spot that all play fine and sound great, but this pressing of Lightning at the Door does not. I contacted Trusty Spot customer service and explained the problem, they without question shipped me a brand new copy of the same album and included a return shipping label for the one I was having issues with. I tried playing the replacement copy of Lightning at the Door and it skips in exactly the same places in exactly the same ways, indicating it's something being done at the manufacturer level, or something wrong with the entire pressing. It's a beautiful sea green vinyl, and would look great in a picture frame, but it's just not playable for me.

I posted on Reddit about it, with pretty much all the detail above, and the general consensus has been that the original pressing of this album was the same as this repress. Nobody has responded to that thread on Reddit saying anything to contradict that statement so far, so I guess it's just a bad pressing.

Support All Them Witches, they're really something special. Every other vinyl I have purchased of theirs (DSMHM, ATW, STTW) so far has played great, and their sound engineering has seemed top notch to me. The quality of the sound and the mix on this band's recordings and live performances is really part of their allure. There's someone (their sound guy) probably who is an unsung hero and a secret fifth member of the band.
Support Trusty Spot, they're also great.
But this Lightning at the Door variant doesn't play well. But I'm giving it 4 stars because I love the band and want to support. I'm only saying all of this in the hopes that the label or the manufacturer will fix this problem later, because I would REALLY like to have a playable copy of it. I love this album.

All Them Witches | Lightning At The Door (Limited Edition Green, Purple and Silver Vinyl)

  • Released 11/12/2021
  • Sea Glass Vinyl With Lavender & Metallic Swirl
  • Limited to 2500 copies worldwide

2014 witnessed the release of All Them Witches, Lightning At The Door. Birthed to the world was an 8-song, kick you in the teeth, swirling mixture of rock, blues, psych and jam. A supernatural commutation wrapped in darkness and spirit. 

Track Listing:  

  1. Funeral For A Great Drunken Bird
  2. When God Comes Back
  3. The Marriage Of Coyote Woman
  4. Swallowed By The Sea
  5. Charles William
  6. The Death Of Coyote Woman
  7. Romany Dagger
  8. Mountain