Doctor Bionic | The God State (Clearwater Blue Vinyl LP)

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Deep, Hard Hitting Soul-Jazz Meets Dub Instrumental Analog Grooves
For Your Psyche

In few words, Doctor Bionic can be described as Instrumental b-movie
psych-hop. But that doesn't tell the whole story.
Doctor Bionic is the brainchild of Cincinnati's Jason Grimes, formerly the
producer of the hip-hop group MOOD (with emcees Main Flow & Donte).
Having grown up in the Scribble Jam scene here in Cincy, and running in
circles that included artists like Hi-Tek & Talib Kweli, Grimes' music has
continued to evolve from sample-based loops, to live instrumentation with
deep layering; provided by a revolving door of local musicians. The
common thread in most Doctor Bionic tracks are the neck snapping drum
breaks, but the tempo adjustments and varying instrumentation lends
itself to a collection of non-genre specific songs - held together in unity by
the flawless drums, often provided by Josiah Wolf (of indie-rock band

The result of these recording sessions are a masterclass in musical
juxtaposition. Spacious yet clustered. Futuristic nostalgia. Ideal for long
car rides or setting the vibe during a laid back gathering of friends.

1.The Messengers
2. No Middle Ground
3. Purple Spark
4. Decades To Come
5. Shadows In The Sun
6. Snow Bird
7. In The Mirror
8. Dose Of Dank
9. The Things That We Love
10. History Lessons