Gomez | Liquid Skin (20th Anniversary) (2 LP)

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Gomez “Liquid Skin” 20th Anniversary Edition

An incredible, solid pressing for a band I’ve been a fan of for those 20 years. Trusty Spot did an amazing job on their end getting this to me in quite possibly the fastest example of “quick shipping” I have ever seen. Great job all around and I look forward to buying from them again.

derek emig
Love this album!

Loved this album for years, so happy to finally have it on vinyl!

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of Gomez's Liquid Skin, Virgin/UMC has remastered two vinyl editions of Liquid Skin. Following his acclaimed remastering of the band's debut Bring It On for the critically lauded 20th anniversary edition last year, Abbey Road's Frank Arkwright has delved into the archive to remaster Liquid Skin from the original tapes. Gomez's sophomore album that followed the Mercury Music prize winning Bring It On, Liquid Skin saw the band crystallize their unique sound.

Disc 1 –
1 Hangover (Side A)
2 Revolutionary Kind (Side A)
3 Bring It on (Side A)
4 Blue Moon Rising (Side B)
5 Las Vegas Dealer (Side B)
6 We Haven’t Turned Around (Side B)

– Disc 2 –
1 Fill My Cup (Side A)
2 Rhythm & Blues Alibi (Side A)
3 Rosalita (Side B)
4 California Devil Will Ride (Side B)