Red Hot Chili Peppers | Blood Sugar Sex Magik (180 Gram Vinyl) (2 LP)

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Rodney Rollo

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Red Hot Chili Peppers | Blood Sugar Sex Magik (180 Gram Vinyl) (2 LP)

  • Label: Warner Records
  • Remastered from Original Analog Tapes
  • 180 Gram Vinyl
  • 2 LP
  • Reissue Release Date: 1/10/2012

Originally released in 1991. Entirely produced by the venerable Rick Rubin, the band secluded themselves to the mansion Harry Houdini once occupied for a more intimate approach to the recording process. All living together they crafted this album with a much more organic approach which is noticeable in songwriting and more.

This 2012 reissue is remastered from original analog tapes and is pressed on 180g vinyl. With valuable assistance from producer Rick Rubin, the Peppers find just the right blend of punk, funk, and hip-hop. Even with a running time of 74 minutes, this 1991 breakthrough has continuity and cohesion both within and across the 17 cuts. Riding Flea's surging bass, Anthony Kiedis delivers his explicit lyrics with a rapper's flair, extolling the virtues (and outlining the dangers) of sex and drugs. Plaintive ballads such as "Breaking the Girl," "I Could Have Lied," and the hit "Under the Bridge" give the album depth and provide contrast to the raw energy of "Mellowship Slinky in B Major," "Funky Monks," and "Give It Away." Rubin masterfully fuses John Frusciante's raunchy guitar with the irresistible grooves. 

Track Listing:

Side A
1 The Power Of Equality 4:03
2 If You Have To Ask 3:37
3 Breaking The Girl 4:55
4 Funky Monks 5:23
5 Suck My Kiss 3:37

Side B
1 I Could Have Lied 4:04
2 Mellowship Slinky In B Major 4:00
3 The Righteous & The Wicked 4:08
4 Give It Away 4:43

Side C
1 Blood Sugar Sex Magik 4:31
2 Under The Bridge 4:24
3 Naked In The Rain 4:26
4 Apache Rose Peacock 4:42

Side D
1 The Greeting Song 3:14
2 My Lovely Man 4:39
3 Sir Psycho Sexy 8:17
4 They're Red Hot 1:12