Marnie Stern | In Advance Of The Broken Arm (Reissue) (Indie Exclusive, Deluxe Edition, Blue & Yellow Vinyl) (Rsd)

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RSD Black Friday Release 11.25.2022

Double LP reissue of Marnie Stern's debut album "In Advance of The Broken Arm." One disc is the original album, remastered from the original mixes and the second is remastered demos for the original album.

LP1 - Original Album
1. Vibrational Match
2. Grapefruit
3. Every Single Line Means Something
4. Precious Metal
5. Put All Your Eggs In One Basket And Then Watch That Basket!!!
6. Logical Volume
7. Absorb Those Numbers
8. This American Life
9. Letters From Rimbaud
10. The Weight Of A Rock
11. Plato's Fucked Up Cave
12. Healer
13. Patterns Of A Diamond Ceiling
LP2 - The Demos
1. At Close Range
2. A Letter From Rimbaud
3. Vibrational Match
4. Every Single Line Means Something
5. Logical Volume
6. Trilogy - The Outer World
7. Put All Of Your Eggs In One Basket And Then Watch That Basket!!
8. On The Wall
9. Plato's Fucked Up Cave
10. Civil War
11. Patterns For The Blind