The Black Keys | Rubber Factory (Vinyl)

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derek emig
Always loved this album!

This was one of the first Keys albums I had heard, along with the Big Come Up. It’s a new raw, young fresh take on some good old fashioned blues/rock!

Rubber Factory was recorded by The Black Keys, themselves, in an old tire factory they rented space from in their hometown of Akron, OH on a reel-to-reel recorder w/ tape that was recycled from old fried chicken commercials that never made it to radio. It captures the powerful sound of this drums and guitar two-piece perfectly.

Track Listing:

1. When The Lights Go Out
2. 10 A.M. Automatic
3. Just Couldn't Tie Me Down
4. All Hands Against His Own
5. The Desperate Man
6. Girl Is On My Mind
7. The Lengths
8. Grown So Ugly
9. Stack Shot Billy
10. Act Nice And Gentle
11. Aeroplane Blues
12. Keep Me
13. Till I Get My Way