The Glands | The Glands (Limited Edition Green Color Vinyl)

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New West Records is humbled and proud to release recordings from Athens, GA luminaries The Glands. In the year 2000 the band released their critically acclaimed eponymous middle record, The Glands.

This recording has been remastered and features the band's definitive sequence including five rare songs. Take a listen and hear why NPR says, "The Glands' self-titled effort from 2000 is a record whose seeming accessibility makes less sense the more you pull it apart.

Take, for instance, "Work It Out," where '60s Merseybeat butts up against Rolling Stones licks but stretches in and out like taffy slapped on a snare. Or "I Can See My House From Here," which should roll on end credits for every cool movie ever made; its layers of backwards guitar and Shapiro's double-tracked close harmonies transform into a boogie-rock jam. The Flaming Lips probably wished it had recorded first."

 Limited to 1300 for the world.

Disc 1

1 livin’ was easy
2 when I laugh
3 swim - prelude
4 swim
5 mayflower
6 lovetown
7 straight down
8 I can see my house from here
9 fortress

Disc 2

1 work it out
2 soul inspiration
3 ground
4 favorite american
5 breathe out
6 u r the mountain
7 something in the air
8 holiday walk
9 head that’s mine
10 doug’s hall rag