Radiohead | The Bends (Vinyl)

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Brian M.
Amazing Record Store!

I have bought multiple records from Dave and Trusty Spot Records in the past.

The thing that keeps me coming back is the level of personalism the team provides with each purchase. Radiohead records have historically been harder to find items with inflated price tags; however, by following the store’s Reddit page I was able to purchase some of my favorite albums at extremely reasonable prices. If you haven’t checked out their Sub then do so already to know when records come into stock!

Radiohead | The Bends (Vinyl)

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  • LP-XL-780
  • Originally Released 1995
  • Released 5/20/2016

Track Listing:

A1 Planet Telex
A2 The Bends
A3 High And Dry
A4 Fake Plastic Trees
A5 Bones
A6 (Nice Dream)

B1 Just
B2 My Iron Lung
B3 Bullet Proof..I Wish I Was
B4 Black Star
B5 Sulk
B6 Street Spirit (Fade Out)